Thursday, June 11, 2015

Creation of the Ontario Youth Basketball D-League (OYBL D-League)

Creation of the OYBL D-League

As June 27th, 2015 will be the final weekend of play in the ABS, the league is proud to announce a transition in league structure for next season.  Moving forward, the ABS will be identified as the Ontario Youth Basketball D-League (OYBL D-League). 

For the first time ever, the 2015-2016 season will see the formation of the biggest multi-city developmental basketball league in Canada. It is a cooperative venture that will consist of over ten of the largest clubs in Ontario.

At its core, the OYBL D-League exposes players to a competitive, but friendly environment, while also offering opportunities to train and excel to a higher level. The league will incorporate age groups from U10 to U14 on both the boys' and girls' sides and will run from November to the end of March.  Included in the season will be a Championship Weekend which will include All Star Games.  

Packages have been sent to Club Presidents/Liaisons and planning is near completion. 

We look forward to once again advancing basketball in Ontario!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Game of the Week - Major Atom Boys - Toronto Triple Threat vs St. Catharines Rebels

Toronto Triple Threat vs St Catharines Rebels - November 30th (Turner Fenton)

This game was close from start to finish with two players really standing out: #9 Quentin from TTT and #9 Peyton from St. Catharines Rebels were battling back and forth for much of the game.  

The first shift did not see a lot of scoring as both teams played strong defense.  TTT had tough on the ball defenders while St Catharines used great help defense to keep TTT at bay.
#8 Ben St. Catharines hit a long range three and the score at the end of shift was 3-2 for St Catharines.

The second shift began with both teams driving the net hard and #6 Alex (St. Catharines) got to the stripe to try to extend the lead.  The shift was plagued early with fouls and baskets were at a premium.  After a quick steal by #23 Shaedon (TTT) he made a lay in of his own. At the end of two, 4-3 TTT.

On the third shift #9 Quentin (TTT) made a sweet crossover and dropped a nice floater from just outside the paint. On a great hustle play, #15 Ethan (TTT) dove to save a ball from going out of bounds and then hustled down the court to get a rebound.  He came up just short on the put back. #5 Max (St. Catharines) then received a great pass inside the paint and hit a fall away jumper. #9 Quentin (TTT) was all over the court in this game and his handles were exceptional.

The fourth shift opened with three quick St. Catharines’ scores which included a three pointer and the foul for #9 Peyton (St. Catharines).  The three baskets were answered quickly by two jumpers by #23 Shaedon (TTT) which made the score 12-10 St. Catharines.  #9 Peyton (St. Catharines) controlled the pace near the end of the half and knocked down another 3 point shot with time expiring.

Coming out in the fifth shift #7 Nolan (TTT) knocked down two quick free throws and the lead was cut to 3 points. #11 Jaydyah (TTT) followed the shots up with a left handed take of his own and the lead was 1 point.

The sixth shift started with #14 Almond (TTT) finishing a great take and getting fouled in the process. #15 Ethan (TTT) then followed up with a layin of his own. The score at this point was 20-18 Triple Threat.  St. Catharines regained the lead when #9 Peyton hit yet another three. This shift became somewhat of a duel between both number #9s and at the end of shift 6 the game was all knotted up at 22.

Opening the seventh shift was #5 Elijah (TTT) who hit a jumper off of a beautiful pull back baseline dribble. St Catharines showed great patience on offense which led to a strong right handed drive by number #10 Wyatt.   With the game tied at 24 there was a huge collision on a fast break where a few bodies were flying everywhere. Fortunately nobody was hurt and when play resumed, a well designed inbound play by St. Catharines got them the open look but they couldn’t knock down the jumper. After a number of offensive rebounds by St. Catharines, #5 Eljah (TTT) took the ball the length of the court and was hacked hard.  He knocked down both free throws and the lead was 24-22 in favour of TTT.  #7 Nolan (TTT) finished another fast break and then #9 Peyton made an incredible dish to #10 Wyatt for the two.  At the end of 7 it was 28-26 TTT.

Opening the last shift, #5 Elijah (TTT) hit a deep three and the lead was extended to 5 again. With the score 32-26, #7 Nicholas (St. Catharines) knocked down one of two free throws and #9 Peyton was fouled going to the hoop.  He stepped to the line and hit two of two and the lead was down to 3. #9 Quentin (TTT) answered with a two of his own and the game increased to a frenzied pace.  Before St. Catharines called a timeout, #6 Matthew (TTT) made a baseline lay in and the score was 36 - 29.

With 1:32 left in the game, St. Catharines ran a clearout for Peyton and he was able to use a spin dribble in the key to hit a tough shot with an and one.  He knocked down the free throw and the game was quickly a four point game.

Toronto Triple Threat used the clock to their advantage and wound it down to less than 20 seconds.  The penalty was 4 fouls away and St. Catharines just didn’t have enough time to complete the comeback.

37-32 TTT over St. Catharines

Monday, November 24, 2014

Novice Boys' Game Blog - Brampton (Fortune) vs Vaughan

I had the opportunity to take in an action packed game between the Vaughan Panthers and the Brampton Warriors (Fortune) in the Novice Boys' division at Sheridan College Oakville Campus.

The game started out with a great backdoor pass by Vaughan Panthers player #7 Edrick P which led to a great scoring opportunity for Vaughan.  While that attempt came up short #7 Edrick P got back on defense and got his first steal of the game. Brampton began by attacking the net hard as #7 Josiah drove the lane and scored.  Brampton began the game with a spread offence (which was even more spread because of the College size court). Shortly after Josiah drove the lane, #23 Noah K from Vaughan responded with a sweet jumpshot of his own.  Vaughan was also attacking the rim with #7 Edrick driving the lane and getting fouled.  He knocked down both shots.  With their wide open offence, Brampton was able to pass and cut through their spread offence which led to #7 Josiah B taking a pass and driving the hoop to get fouled.  He knocked down both free throws and the game was tied at 4. #7 Josiah from Brampton followed up his shots with a steal and he scored on the lay in.

At the end of the first shift, the score was 6-4 for Brampton.

The second shift had a lot of #13 Ryan K from Brampton.  Ryan has good size and gets on the boards well.  He is a speedy big man with the ability to block shots, lead a break and rebounds the basketball well. While he played strong, #6 Ethan H from Brampton positioned himself well and was the recipient of a great pass from #9 Ayden F.  #6 Ethan continued his scoring touch by taking it one on one in an open set and scored on the layin, 10-4 Brampton. 

After  a nice shot by #8 Joseph T from Vaughan his teammate #12 Benjamin S (Vaughan) grabbed a huge rebound and put the ball back up. Vaughan rebounded the ball well during the game and were able to get out on the fast break quite a bit.  During this shift, #13 Ryan K,  #9 Ayden F, #6 Ethan H from Brampton showed great scoring punches. 

At the beginning of shift 3, Vaughan came out with some great team defence.  They were able to stop Brampton on a number of possessions.   After a defensive stance, #23 Noah K from Vaughan used a great dribble hesitation move to take it to the hoop for a little floater. This cut the lead to 10.  #13 Ryan (Brampton) was able open up the lead again by hitting his free throws (shot 5/6 from the line on the game). Off of a great inbound play, #22 Jaden E Brampton scored to add to Brampton's total.

Before the end of the half, the action became very fast paced.  The game went baseline to baseline with all players being tested in terms of their conditioning.  Vaughan's man-help defense picked up as did that of the Brampton Warriors (Fortune). After a strong defensive stance, Brampton ran out on a fast break and #15 Naheem D drove the net hard and got fouled for the And One.  He then followed up with the foul shot.  After another Vaughan possession, #9 Ayden (Brampton) took the ball strong to the hoop after a nice dribble move and just couldn't get it to fall.  #22 Chance M (Vaughan) hit a incredible shot at the other end of the court and the fast pace action just didn't stop.  

The second half began with both teams playing smothering defense.  Offenisvely Vaughan set up their offence and it included a great pass reception and shot attempt by #15 Ricky F.   He was fouled in the act and hit 2/2.  At the offensive end, Brampton #22 Jaden E took the ball extremely strong to the hoop but the ball just didn't drop.  Brampton continued its strong defense by causing two steals and #5 Amare H finished one of them with a nice lay in.  #22 Jaden continued to drive the ball and was fouled inside the paint.  He was fouled and went to the line for two.   The second half was proving to be a defensive juggernaut and scoring was at a premium.

Right out of the break in Shift 6, #6 Ethan B drove the lane and made a nice finish for two.  The end to end action continued with Vaughan's #11 Cole C and Brampton's #6 Ethan controlling the play along with #7 Josiah (Brampton) completing a full court lay in. #7 Josiah showed great speed as he went the full distance on a College Court.  A great give and go between Vaughan's #11 Cole and #22 Chance came up just short.  After that, #22 Chance worked hard to get a rebound and was able to put in back up.  Right at the buzzer, #9 Aden (Brampton) hit an unbelievable three pointer (counts as a 2).

At the end of 6 , #13 Ryan 12 points (Brampton), #6 Ethan 13 points (Brampton)  and Vaughan #22 Chance 8 points

Inside the 7th and 8th shifts, #4 Justin P from Brampton hit a nice jumper off of a rebound and his teammate #13 Ryan B put in another two and had a game high 17 points.  On the next possession #4 Dante from Vaughan went up with #13 Ryan B and was able to take the ball away.  #22 Chance M from Vaughan had a great steal of his own while on the next possession Brampton was able to take the ball back.  After a tie up for a jump ball, #13 Ryan K was able to knock down two more baskets and quickly was the game leader with 21 points.   Over the course of the game, #8 Joseph T from Vaughan showed great desire and determination every time he touched the ball.  Joseph took it tough to the net and hustled on every play.

With a few minutes left in the game, off of a nice pass to the post, #15 Naheem Brampton scored on a nice step through and lay in. #21 Jamoi H from Vaughan hustled all game and was able to track down a long offensive rebound off of 12 foot jump shot by a teammate.  #22 Jaden finished an And 1 with 40 seconds left in the game and was all over the court for much of this game (His free throw shooting was very effective also).  Not to be outdone, #22 Chance M from Vaughan had a huge box out on #13 Ryan and pulled down the rebound.  He was fouled and went to the line for two.

At the end of the game Brampton took the victor. The player of the game was #13 Ryan who scored 21 points and had a number of blocks, rebounds and steals. For Vaughan, #22 Chance led the way with 8 points and a tonne of energy.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Major Bantam Girls - November 16th (Week 2)

The second weekend of Major Bantam Girls' action was played at both Sheridan College and The Woodlands.  Out of the 14 games played, over half (8 games) were decided by less than 10 points.   

The sole undefeated team in either the Platinum or Gold divisions is Blessed Sacrament Guant. At 4-0 Blessed - Guant has balanced scoring with 4 players between 8.8 and 5.8 ppt (Tatyanna B, Kayla S, Megan S, Grace M). Transway is now 3-1 with their only loss thus far to Scarborough - Robertson in Week 1. 

The log jam in the Platinum Division includes Scarborough - Robertson, Ancaster and Stoney Creek NYB all with 2-2 records. The Niagara Selects have played some very tough games. Tori D and Sabrina J have helped their cause with 17.0 and 14.5 ppg respectively. Welland has also lost a couple close games by 9 and 10.

In the Gold Division, Barrie, Burlington and Scarborough - Granger are all leading the division with 3-1 records.  Burlington's Mide (#10) continues to lead the league in scoring with a 17.8 ppg average.  

The Brampton Lady Warriors and Blessed Sacrament - Nardini are both tied at 2-2.  With that, they are only one game behind the other three teams atop the division. KW Lightning is only two games behind the leaders with much of their scoring coming from Jada D. Blessed Sacrament - Hewitt has been in almost every game they have played  losing by only 6, 5 and 7 points this season.

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Atom Boys - KW Vipers vs Blessed Sacrament

We were able to pick this game up in the first half with a score of 16-15 for Blessed and 1:50 left in the 4th shift. The action went back and forth for the remainder of the shift and at the half Blessed had opened up a 10 point lead on the back of 14 points from Collin T.   Other top half time performers included #21 Zayne and #12 Akeem from Blessed Sacrament had 6 and 4 points respectively while #Aiden from Kitchener Waterloo Vipers lead the charge with 5.

With KW down in the second half, #23 Joshwyn P took the ball strong to the hoop and was fouled. KW followed that up with strong defence from number #12 Collin whose height was hard to deal with on the defensive end.  After a rebound #23 Gavin from Blessed made a great move to the hoop and followed up the foul by making one of two to extend the lead to 29-16.  #21 Vernon (Blessed) made a great spin move around two defenders but was unable to finish at the rim after the help defense arrived.  #12 Akeem and #15 Nathan from Blessed Sacrament picked up their defensive intensity and caused a jump ball at their defensive end.  Just before the end of the fifth shift, #12 Collin (KW) hit a two point shot to make it a 13 point lead for Blessed Sacrament. #14 Jaiten followed that up with another two points and the lead shrunk to 11 points. At the end of the 6th shift, Blessed had a 13 point lead but KW continued to fight to stay in the game.

In seventh shift action, #15 Luka W hit and AND-1 bucket with a strong finish. That bucket made it a 9 point lead for Blessed and the game began to get really tight. #12 Akeem extended the game gap to 12 points after a nice finish.  Both teams kept up their stellar help defense and buckets were harder to come by until #22 Adam (KW) hit a quick jump shot after a great inbound play.

The comeback continued with an AND-1 completion by #23 Joshwyn to make it a seven point game. Hamilton Blessed Sacrament extended the lead by one when #4 Jackson D hit his second of two free throws.

In an unbelievable spin, pump and reverse finish #21 Nikola brought the fans to their feet and narrowed the gap to 2.  That was answered right away in the 8th shift by a three pointer from #3 Collin T.  The game at the 3:13 mark was a close 5 points. Some great team defense by Blessed helped them get some fast break opportunities .  With 2:17 left in the gym became very full and very loud. On a great back door cut by #14 Jaiten and the lead was cut to 4.  

This game got really crazy inside the the last 1:20 when #13 Aiden hit a long two but that was quickly followed up by a 2 from #3 Collin T (Blessed).

In the end, Blessed was a bit too much and pulled out the victory with a final score of 47-39

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Feature Game - Major Bantam Boys - Burlington (Stucke) vs Brampton (Brown)

This feature ABS game started off with a packed gym and a great deal of intensity. Inside the first minute #7 Latrelle from Brampton hit an NBA sized three giving the Warriors a quick 3-2 lead.  Brampton was all over the boards early with #23 Matthew M attacking the boards from everywhere and putting in put backs and dropping dimes.  The sharpshooting Burlington squad responded when #22 Johnny V hit his own long range three. 

Burlington's outside shooting kept them in the game while Brampton attacked the rim at every opportunity.  #22 Quincy A scored with an And-1 on a great take to the hoop.  Midway through the second quarter Burlington took a one point lead with Coleman S and Kobe A putting points up which included a great put back and spin move by Kobe.  

Robert Manella hit an incredible floater off a pump fake to put Burlington up by 4 with 1:00 left in the half while Coleman went perfect from the line in the first half (and subsequently the entire game).  Despite the scoring punch from Burlington, Brampton kept attacking the rim and kept the game within 5 at the half.

Burlington came out strong in the second half with an 8-1 run lead by two threes by Coleman and Kobe.  Defensively Burlington locked down which created some fast break opportunities for Burlington.  Luka S (Burlington) showed outside range and then took it inside for a nice floater.  

Taryn T (Brampton) completed the And-1 after a killer crossover in an offensive set and followed that up with another hoop.  Not to be outdone, Burlington continued to score and opened the game up to 50-36 with 1:14 left in the third.  In a spread offence #14 Gabe T was able to knock down an open jumper to put the Burlington club up 52-37.  At the line, #6 Joshua H (Brampton) showed a great touch by knocking down two free throws which made the score at the end of three 53-39 Burlington.

The fourth quarter started with Brampton on a 4-0 run but that was answered quickly with a three by #11 Tim M from Burlington.  #6 on Brampton Joshua H continued to run the floor and hit a great step back jumper.  Latrelle G from Brampton (Brown) quietly poured in 16 points by the fourth.

At one point, this game became a shootout between #13 Kobe and and #6 Joshua who were both lightning it up with their scoring.  #5 Robert M from Burlington hit two three pointers back to back to open things up with 4 minutes left and Burlington ended up winning it by a score of 75-50.  The final score does not tell the tale of the game as it remained close until the 5 minute mark of the 4th.

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Major Bantam Boys - November 15th

It was an intense day of action in Major Bantam Boys' action.  Clarkson, Turner Fenton and Woodlands were home to some very close games which included Durham City Central beating Toronto Triple Threat by 1 point.  TTT lost two heartbreakers by a total of 4 points on this the first weekend of action. The close games continued with two strong teams in Vaughan Panthers (Steward) pulling out a close 8 point victory over Brampton Warriors (Brown).   
ABS Ontario Youth Basketball League newcomers Cambridge Centaurs went 1-1 in their first weekend of ABS action after a 2 point loss in a thriller to the Vaughan Panthers (Bobb).  In other league action, the Caledon Cougars, who are also in their inaugural season found themselves 2-0 after the first day of action.

Burlington Basketball - Truffen also began their journey in the league and found themselves with a 1-1 record in two close games against IEM Aurora and Brampton Warriors - Johnson.

For a full list of standings, scores and high scorers go to and view the results section for Major Bantam and all other divisions.

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