Sunday, November 16, 2014

Atom Boys - KW Vipers vs Blessed Sacrament

We were able to pick this game up in the first half with a score of 16-15 for Blessed and 1:50 left in the 4th shift. The action went back and forth for the remainder of the shift and at the half Blessed had opened up a 10 point lead on the back of 14 points from Collin T.   Other top half time performers included #21 Zayne and #12 Akeem from Blessed Sacrament had 6 and 4 points respectively while #Aiden from Kitchener Waterloo Vipers lead the charge with 5.

With KW down in the second half, #23 Joshwyn P took the ball strong to the hoop and was fouled. KW followed that up with strong defence from number #12 Collin whose height was hard to deal with on the defensive end.  After a rebound #23 Gavin from Blessed made a great move to the hoop and followed up the foul by making one of two to extend the lead to 29-16.  #21 Vernon (Blessed) made a great spin move around two defenders but was unable to finish at the rim after the help defense arrived.  #12 Akeem and #15 Nathan from Blessed Sacrament picked up their defensive intensity and caused a jump ball at their defensive end.  Just before the end of the fifth shift, #12 Collin (KW) hit a two point shot to make it a 13 point lead for Blessed Sacrament. #14 Jaiten followed that up with another two points and the lead shrunk to 11 points. At the end of the 6th shift, Blessed had a 13 point lead but KW continued to fight to stay in the game.

In seventh shift action, #15 Luka W hit and AND-1 bucket with a strong finish. That bucket made it a 9 point lead for Blessed and the game began to get really tight. #12 Akeem extended the game gap to 12 points after a nice finish.  Both teams kept up their stellar help defense and buckets were harder to come by until #22 Adam (KW) hit a quick jump shot after a great inbound play.

The comeback continued with an AND-1 completion by #23 Joshwyn to make it a seven point game. Hamilton Blessed Sacrament extended the lead by one when #4 Jackson D hit his second of two free throws.

In an unbelievable spin, pump and reverse finish #21 Nikola brought the fans to their feet and narrowed the gap to 2.  That was answered right away in the 8th shift by a three pointer from #3 Collin T.  The game at the 3:13 mark was a close 5 points. Some great team defense by Blessed helped them get some fast break opportunities .  With 2:17 left in the gym became very full and very loud. On a great back door cut by #14 Jaiten and the lead was cut to 4.  

This game got really crazy inside the the last 1:20 when #13 Aiden hit a long two but that was quickly followed up by a 2 from #3 Collin T (Blessed).

In the end, Blessed was a bit too much and pulled out the victory with a final score of 47-39

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