Monday, November 24, 2014

Novice Boys' Game Blog - Brampton (Fortune) vs Vaughan

I had the opportunity to take in an action packed game between the Vaughan Panthers and the Brampton Warriors (Fortune) in the Novice Boys' division at Sheridan College Oakville Campus.

The game started out with a great backdoor pass by Vaughan Panthers player #7 Edrick P which led to a great scoring opportunity for Vaughan.  While that attempt came up short #7 Edrick P got back on defense and got his first steal of the game. Brampton began by attacking the net hard as #7 Josiah drove the lane and scored.  Brampton began the game with a spread offence (which was even more spread because of the College size court). Shortly after Josiah drove the lane, #23 Noah K from Vaughan responded with a sweet jumpshot of his own.  Vaughan was also attacking the rim with #7 Edrick driving the lane and getting fouled.  He knocked down both shots.  With their wide open offence, Brampton was able to pass and cut through their spread offence which led to #7 Josiah B taking a pass and driving the hoop to get fouled.  He knocked down both free throws and the game was tied at 4. #7 Josiah from Brampton followed up his shots with a steal and he scored on the lay in.

At the end of the first shift, the score was 6-4 for Brampton.

The second shift had a lot of #13 Ryan K from Brampton.  Ryan has good size and gets on the boards well.  He is a speedy big man with the ability to block shots, lead a break and rebounds the basketball well. While he played strong, #6 Ethan H from Brampton positioned himself well and was the recipient of a great pass from #9 Ayden F.  #6 Ethan continued his scoring touch by taking it one on one in an open set and scored on the layin, 10-4 Brampton. 

After  a nice shot by #8 Joseph T from Vaughan his teammate #12 Benjamin S (Vaughan) grabbed a huge rebound and put the ball back up. Vaughan rebounded the ball well during the game and were able to get out on the fast break quite a bit.  During this shift, #13 Ryan K,  #9 Ayden F, #6 Ethan H from Brampton showed great scoring punches. 

At the beginning of shift 3, Vaughan came out with some great team defence.  They were able to stop Brampton on a number of possessions.   After a defensive stance, #23 Noah K from Vaughan used a great dribble hesitation move to take it to the hoop for a little floater. This cut the lead to 10.  #13 Ryan (Brampton) was able open up the lead again by hitting his free throws (shot 5/6 from the line on the game). Off of a great inbound play, #22 Jaden E Brampton scored to add to Brampton's total.

Before the end of the half, the action became very fast paced.  The game went baseline to baseline with all players being tested in terms of their conditioning.  Vaughan's man-help defense picked up as did that of the Brampton Warriors (Fortune). After a strong defensive stance, Brampton ran out on a fast break and #15 Naheem D drove the net hard and got fouled for the And One.  He then followed up with the foul shot.  After another Vaughan possession, #9 Ayden (Brampton) took the ball strong to the hoop after a nice dribble move and just couldn't get it to fall.  #22 Chance M (Vaughan) hit a incredible shot at the other end of the court and the fast pace action just didn't stop.  

The second half began with both teams playing smothering defense.  Offenisvely Vaughan set up their offence and it included a great pass reception and shot attempt by #15 Ricky F.   He was fouled in the act and hit 2/2.  At the offensive end, Brampton #22 Jaden E took the ball extremely strong to the hoop but the ball just didn't drop.  Brampton continued its strong defense by causing two steals and #5 Amare H finished one of them with a nice lay in.  #22 Jaden continued to drive the ball and was fouled inside the paint.  He was fouled and went to the line for two.   The second half was proving to be a defensive juggernaut and scoring was at a premium.

Right out of the break in Shift 6, #6 Ethan B drove the lane and made a nice finish for two.  The end to end action continued with Vaughan's #11 Cole C and Brampton's #6 Ethan controlling the play along with #7 Josiah (Brampton) completing a full court lay in. #7 Josiah showed great speed as he went the full distance on a College Court.  A great give and go between Vaughan's #11 Cole and #22 Chance came up just short.  After that, #22 Chance worked hard to get a rebound and was able to put in back up.  Right at the buzzer, #9 Aden (Brampton) hit an unbelievable three pointer (counts as a 2).

At the end of 6 , #13 Ryan 12 points (Brampton), #6 Ethan 13 points (Brampton)  and Vaughan #22 Chance 8 points

Inside the 7th and 8th shifts, #4 Justin P from Brampton hit a nice jumper off of a rebound and his teammate #13 Ryan B put in another two and had a game high 17 points.  On the next possession #4 Dante from Vaughan went up with #13 Ryan B and was able to take the ball away.  #22 Chance M from Vaughan had a great steal of his own while on the next possession Brampton was able to take the ball back.  After a tie up for a jump ball, #13 Ryan K was able to knock down two more baskets and quickly was the game leader with 21 points.   Over the course of the game, #8 Joseph T from Vaughan showed great desire and determination every time he touched the ball.  Joseph took it tough to the net and hustled on every play.

With a few minutes left in the game, off of a nice pass to the post, #15 Naheem Brampton scored on a nice step through and lay in. #21 Jamoi H from Vaughan hustled all game and was able to track down a long offensive rebound off of 12 foot jump shot by a teammate.  #22 Jaden finished an And 1 with 40 seconds left in the game and was all over the court for much of this game (His free throw shooting was very effective also).  Not to be outdone, #22 Chance M from Vaughan had a huge box out on #13 Ryan and pulled down the rebound.  He was fouled and went to the line for two.

At the end of the game Brampton took the victor. The player of the game was #13 Ryan who scored 21 points and had a number of blocks, rebounds and steals. For Vaughan, #22 Chance led the way with 8 points and a tonne of energy.

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