Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Game of the Week - Major Atom Boys - Toronto Triple Threat vs St. Catharines Rebels

Toronto Triple Threat vs St Catharines Rebels - November 30th (Turner Fenton)

This game was close from start to finish with two players really standing out: #9 Quentin from TTT and #9 Peyton from St. Catharines Rebels were battling back and forth for much of the game.  

The first shift did not see a lot of scoring as both teams played strong defense.  TTT had tough on the ball defenders while St Catharines used great help defense to keep TTT at bay.
#8 Ben St. Catharines hit a long range three and the score at the end of shift was 3-2 for St Catharines.

The second shift began with both teams driving the net hard and #6 Alex (St. Catharines) got to the stripe to try to extend the lead.  The shift was plagued early with fouls and baskets were at a premium.  After a quick steal by #23 Shaedon (TTT) he made a lay in of his own. At the end of two, 4-3 TTT.

On the third shift #9 Quentin (TTT) made a sweet crossover and dropped a nice floater from just outside the paint. On a great hustle play, #15 Ethan (TTT) dove to save a ball from going out of bounds and then hustled down the court to get a rebound.  He came up just short on the put back. #5 Max (St. Catharines) then received a great pass inside the paint and hit a fall away jumper. #9 Quentin (TTT) was all over the court in this game and his handles were exceptional.

The fourth shift opened with three quick St. Catharines’ scores which included a three pointer and the foul for #9 Peyton (St. Catharines).  The three baskets were answered quickly by two jumpers by #23 Shaedon (TTT) which made the score 12-10 St. Catharines.  #9 Peyton (St. Catharines) controlled the pace near the end of the half and knocked down another 3 point shot with time expiring.

Coming out in the fifth shift #7 Nolan (TTT) knocked down two quick free throws and the lead was cut to 3 points. #11 Jaydyah (TTT) followed the shots up with a left handed take of his own and the lead was 1 point.

The sixth shift started with #14 Almond (TTT) finishing a great take and getting fouled in the process. #15 Ethan (TTT) then followed up with a layin of his own. The score at this point was 20-18 Triple Threat.  St. Catharines regained the lead when #9 Peyton hit yet another three. This shift became somewhat of a duel between both number #9s and at the end of shift 6 the game was all knotted up at 22.

Opening the seventh shift was #5 Elijah (TTT) who hit a jumper off of a beautiful pull back baseline dribble. St Catharines showed great patience on offense which led to a strong right handed drive by number #10 Wyatt.   With the game tied at 24 there was a huge collision on a fast break where a few bodies were flying everywhere. Fortunately nobody was hurt and when play resumed, a well designed inbound play by St. Catharines got them the open look but they couldn’t knock down the jumper. After a number of offensive rebounds by St. Catharines, #5 Eljah (TTT) took the ball the length of the court and was hacked hard.  He knocked down both free throws and the lead was 24-22 in favour of TTT.  #7 Nolan (TTT) finished another fast break and then #9 Peyton made an incredible dish to #10 Wyatt for the two.  At the end of 7 it was 28-26 TTT.

Opening the last shift, #5 Elijah (TTT) hit a deep three and the lead was extended to 5 again. With the score 32-26, #7 Nicholas (St. Catharines) knocked down one of two free throws and #9 Peyton was fouled going to the hoop.  He stepped to the line and hit two of two and the lead was down to 3. #9 Quentin (TTT) answered with a two of his own and the game increased to a frenzied pace.  Before St. Catharines called a timeout, #6 Matthew (TTT) made a baseline lay in and the score was 36 - 29.

With 1:32 left in the game, St. Catharines ran a clearout for Peyton and he was able to use a spin dribble in the key to hit a tough shot with an and one.  He knocked down the free throw and the game was quickly a four point game.

Toronto Triple Threat used the clock to their advantage and wound it down to less than 20 seconds.  The penalty was 4 fouls away and St. Catharines just didn’t have enough time to complete the comeback.

37-32 TTT over St. Catharines

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